Craggy National Scenic Area

Protecting the Craggy National Scenic Area has received unanimous public and political support, but the Forest Plan  proposes logging 4,000 acres of Craggy’s most important recreation and conservation areas. These areas include old growth forests, popular trails like the Snowball Trail and Mountains to Sea Trail, panoramic vistas from the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the headwaters of the Ivy River, the drinking water source for Weaverville and local communities. 
Craggy National scenic Area alone received more public comments and support than any other part of the forest plan. But the Forest Service has chosen to ignore this public support so they can log ancient forests along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
The Forest Service can still fix the plan and protect Craggy, but they need to hear from you now.

TAKE ACTION NOW to protect the entire Craggy National Scenic Area from logging.